Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So I've decided to take a journey. Overall, throughout my walk with God, I have never been considered the "closet Christian". Anyone who knows me is not only aware that I believe in God, but is also quite aware of my love and strong passion for him. Simply put, It's not as if I've been cowering in the corner afraid to share my faith for the past six years. In fact, it's been the exact opposite. Although I've always been quite vocal about my faith, one weakness I've realized in myself is that, when the rubber meets the road, I don't always run in the direction my faith has instructed me to run. This never ends well, and ultimately leaves me in a place of desperation and ruin, begging God to pull me out from under the rubble and set me on the right path. Needless to say, failure gets old fast.

Finding myself in a similar situation recently, and listening to the lie satan whispered that God didn't care, I was broken. I had once again found myself burried under the remnants of my self made plans, and knew no other place to turn than to God to repair my heart.  As I was praying, God revealed something to me. My whole walk with God has cycled in this fashion not because he has ever walked away or because he didn't care, but because, without fail, I end up comprimising and accepting life the way the world has fed it to me. Continuing on this train of thought, I looked back, and reflected on the amount of times my friends have found themselves in horrible situations, feeling lower than low, and was astonished to discover that every time, each situation was caused by a different cultural stereotype spoken over our generation. It is because of this that I say no more.

In Romans chapter 12, verse 2 is says "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God". From now on I am challenging myself to do just that. The effect that our world's definition of our generation has had on destroying God's definition of his children living in it is unacceptable, and I will no longer live in a way that promotes that definition. From this point on in my life, I am going to be making the daily decision to be different. I will cry out for my generation, in word and in action, in the hope that others will follow. I will see the things of God, and not let sin enter my mind. I will speak words of encouragement, and not let the devil use the voice God has given me to create deciet. I will listen to my Abba Father's voice, and not neglect the promptings of his Spirit inside me. I will walk in the foot steps of Christ. At the risk of being unoriginal (sorry Tony Dungee) I will choose to be uncommon. Care to join me?


  1. Allow me to be the first to comment!!! I must say this is very well written and it is encouraging to know there are other people in my generation who are unsatisfied with this "stereotype" and are looking for more than games and parties. I also have a hard time getting down to the living out of my faith, being surrounded by people who are intent on doing the opposite. I get annoyed and aggravated with myself as I repeatedly find that I am giving in and in some way or another neglecting my walk with Him!
    I enjoyed reading your post, keep up the good writing!
    Oh, and by the way, I can't help but wonder... have you read "Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris?

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  3. Your post in very encouraging :) I'm glad you're my first comment! We all get frustrated, and my frustrations are actually what drove me to write this blog. we just gotta be careful not to dwell in frustration. that's definitely been a tool satan has used in my life. if you get nothing else from my blog, I hope you realize that you're not alone in your dissatisfaction, because I know how solitude feels, and it's not what God intended for us.

    I actually haven't read "Do Hard Things". What's it about?

  4. That is a very good point- Satan will use frustration as a distraction. We can get so caught up in complaining about something or expressing our frustration and thinking about it that that is ALL we do. Thanks for the reminder. (-:

    You haven't read it? I would have thought you had because the main message of the book is a lot like what you are writing.
    It's about rebelling against the low expectations placed on teenagers/young people today. The authors (Alex & Brett Harris) are the twin younger
    brothers of Josh Harris who wrote the popular book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye." (Maybe you've heard of it?)

    I will get the link to their website...

  5. Okay their website is ""
    It's really good you should check it out!!!