Friday, February 12, 2010


Well, the snows melting, the roads are clearing, and the promise of returning to civilization is growing every day. It's been a while, I know. I got lost in the second ice age we've all recently been experiencing. I'm sure you understand.

Today I come to you with more encouragement than philosophical blabbering. After reading over some questions recently on formspring (the heinous thing that it is), I began to think about a lot of aspects of my life. As I read through questions that people had posted anonymously, on my page and others, I really could not believe the nerve that some people have. I was outraged that someone would exhibit that kind of damaging amount of disrespect when they kind hide behind their username. Seeing comments that read "your a stupid whore" or "you so fugly", and that continue to get much much worse, I was filled with anger, even though they weren't directed at me. In the midst of my anger, I realized what it really was...simply another attack. It's through this experience that I say the following.

As people living in a world that doesn't exactly welcome our existance, we have to watch even more carefully what we allow to enter into our hearts. We can listen to all the Christian music we want and watch TBN until our eyes bleed, but when we create an account on websites like formspring, that basically turn you into a target for whoever wants to shoot, and insert ourselves into the world we're still allowing ourselves to be influenced by it, and ultimately open the door for the devil to come in and destroy what God is doing. We give the devil the opportunity to define us and turn us into something God never intended us to be. This happens through many more avenues than just Formspring, and we have to stop it.

All I'm trying to say is realize who you are in the Lord, and hold onto it. Realize that you are a beaufiful, powerful, victorious creation that our Abba Father loves and wants to get to know. Realize that whether or not some anonymous person, who doesn't even have enough self respect attach their name to their criticism, thinks you're pretty or smart doesn't matter because the creater of the world, the one who set the universe into motion, has numbered every hair on your head, and sacrificed his own son's life to be able to watch you live. I don't know about you, but knowing God's opinion of me, makes all others pale in comparison.

Don't get discouraged, because in the end living for him is all that matters. He will heal every wound that occurrs as a result of a world that isn't afraid to hate us, but he also doesn't want to see us feel that pain. Continue to be uncommon, use God's word to drown out the wicked words of others, use his songs to drown out the melody of emmotional massacre, and live solely for him. If we focus on doing that, we can prevent the devil from trying to redefine us, and convince us we're something we were never meant to be.

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